Laurent Nicolas

President & Founder

  • Akovia Consulting founder & president
  • IT & digital communication project manager
  • IT development agency founder
  • ENSCP ParisTech engineer

About Laurent

Laurent brings his expertise in the development of IT support tools for data analysis and data integrity review. His experience in a large pharmaceutical company as a Quality projects coordinator and chemical engineer enables him to bring you the right solutions and tools to drive your projects.

Work Experience

Akovia consulting SAS: founder, project manager and IT support tools developer, (Since 2012). Quality consulting and training for companies involved with Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Manufacturing plant design
  • Equipment qualification
  • Development and validation of analytical methods and processes
  • Raw material sourcing and suppliers audit
  • Regulatory documentation review and edition
  • Process and analytical support tools development
France & Hungary chemistry projects coordinator at Industrial Affairs head office, Antony, Fr. (2009-2010)
  • Development of production transfers modeling tools
  • Coordination of an IT project focused on the development of an harmonized Quality management system for manufacturing plants
  • Coordination of the interface Research/Development/Industrial Affairs working on the Quality improvement of the “Glucantime” Drug Product
  • Development and validation of analytical methods and processes,
  • Raw material sourcing and suppliers audit,
  • Regulatory documentation review and edition,
  • Process and analytical support tools development.
‘Glucantime’ international project coordinator at Neuville-sur-Saône development center & Industrial Affairs head office in Antony, Fr. (2009) 
  • Development of analytical methods for the Meglumine antimoniate API.
  • The Glucantime project was awarded with the Sanofi-Aventis Innovation Award.
Coordinator in charge of Industrial Quality and Compliance projects in France & Hungary at Industrial affairs project coordinator Antony, Fr. (2008) 
  • Quality units dimensioning for the chemistry plants, development of modeling tools dedicated to production transfers..
Hypsoma Founder, IT projects manager, Digital Communication Director, web developer and designer (Since 2010).
  • Web development
  • Web design
  • Tailor-made websites design and production
  • E-commerce
  • Search engine optimization audits
  • Web software development
  • Digital communication
  • Community management
  • Digital marketing strategy
Trini Yoga Communication Director and associate (Since 2007). In charge of:
  • Customer service
  • Partnerships
  • On-site and digital communication projects
  • Press relations
  • Event organization
  • Website/newsletter design & edition
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Community management

Skills and Education

  • Manufacturing plants audits
  • Inspection preparation support team
  • Quality projects management (process mappings, new guidelines implementation)
  • Analytical methods development
  • Process transfers
  • General Web development / Web design: html5, css3 & scss, jquery & coffeescript, Ajax
  • Ruby on Rails framework frontend development
  • Java projects interfaces development
  • PHP / MySQL development, specialization in WordPress & Drupal CMS
  • Mobile devices oriented websites optimization & adaptation
  • Specialization in search engine optimization and paid indexing Google/Bing/Yahoo
  • Professional use of the Adobe Design suite
  • Video edition with Adobe Premiere
  • Microsoft Office Suite Powerpoint, Word, Excel, MS Project: advanced level user, macro development service
*ENSCP ParisTech: École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris, a graduate school of chemical science and engineering. This diploma confers a Master of Science.
  • Materials Science
  • Engineering